At the end: rubberdoll - slave
After the first two parts of this trilogy (rubberdoll is good to slave - on comand
slave retaliates his goodness to rubber doll)
comes to an end now with this third part ending with 3 actors (2 gender men and me). At the end of the second part (slave retaliates his goodness to rubber doll) I put off the slip of the slave and now he gets a plug into hiss ass as a fortune during his oral activities - very busy. After some corrections and spanking with my hand the rubber doll gets a huge orgasm which never seems ending. So I care that not a even a little drop will be lost, and the slave does not stop activities at his cock during Iplay with the balls of rubberdoll. It is a real torture for the doll. After that I climb up and the doll has to lick long, and intensive and at the same time the slave lick the cock!
Price: 12.00
Videolänge: 11 min 18 sec