Enema for the rubberdoll Slave

The rubber slave lays on his knees at the ground and Lady_J opens his zipper at the back just via his ass. Then she put the enema into his ass hole, so he startet to be filled by water. When the hole water from the enema bassin entered his intestinal he had to move onto the toilet bowl, and his main problem was to press the ass muscels so strang that he did not loose any liquid. There he had to sit more than 6 minutes during that time inside his intestinals it rumbled more and more. So it became more and more difficult to keep all inside! Giving ok for starting procedure the brown liquid shoots outside. The bowl looked terrific because of the brown waste. So he also had to clean the toilett bowl. Oh dear, what else happened? Even the walls became brown dirt, so he also had to clean there, too.Look yourself!
Price: 13.00
Length of video: 8 min 14 sec