First studio visit for one of my slaves

During my trip through Europe one of my slaves asked whether it would be possible to be used at a real studio. I thought it would be a good idea and I rent a Studio at Dusseldorf at once! It was his first studio visit. Kneeing in front of me he wore a chastity only. Therefore I put a collar round his neck as a sign of my superiority during that time he looked up to me. As an answer from me I tortured his nipples. After that he had to get up so that I could hit his ass.
The studio had a fantastic woman chair with hydraulic operation. That is why I decided to try that at a male slave! I did it after I dressed myself as a nurse. After straping him up he slips to the right position and I stired inside his ass, it was a real splendor! Then he got an aquantance with an anal plug thereafter biting his nipples, so that some unscheduled happened....
Price: 11.00
Length of video: 9 min 52 sec