How I am:
Erotically I am high stimulazed because of nature which I realized during my stay at boardingschool. There I also realized that I am bi-sexual — loving boys as well as girls, too.
For I am travelling a lot, it is impossible having a tight binding. That is why I learned very fast to get sexual satisfaction witout binding! Therefore I became acquainted with many different kinds of sexual games which includes the range from devotism untill domination, too - but also from sadism to masochism. It did not take a long time till I realized that being devot or being masochistic would not be my way. Also switching is not something I want to do. Furthermore I found out that to be peed is nothing I am fond of. Also I do not accept scating passivly!!!. Otherwise I do enjoy much more the „normal” sex as well as dominating a partner. Sometimes I want to realize my sadistic ideas. To be served by fetish-Friends is a wonderful feeling! Very soon I found out that every person has his own different limit. I love it to find it out by promissing to tolerate these limits (I would give that to you as a written contract to lead you to your limits, the most satisfying feeling for both sides. In spite of my young age of only 35 years it is amazing having learned so many treatments! I confess that nobody has to be frietend treated by me because of my sadistic minds for sometimes I am satisfied only having sex, sometimes only using my dominant wishes — depending of the feelings of my partner. Sometimes even abstinence may be wonderful. Unfortunately I am not able to do all methods during my trips! Some may be done only at my home for examble during BDSM–holidays with me. Also I cannot mention all methods, so you should ask for your favoried treatment!
A few examples of my repertoire
Assfisting; Baunscheidt-treatment, BDSM, biting; bondage-games (soft/heavy); branding; breath reduction; cage-treating; catheter; clinicsex; crossdressing; cupping; dressage (like dog, horse, etc); dungeon; education; electric stimulation; enema; face-Sitting; firegames; flagelation; hot/cold; humiliation; maid-education; paddling; RPG; settings; slave-education; spanking; stretching; TV/TS-education; wax; whipping; etc
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