Getting much experience being a lady I realized what happend to slaves because of so called ladies, mistresses, masters, etc, I must confess: Unbeleavable!
Several times I got slaves to store these for a while ordered from their masters, mistresses, etc, and so I realized that many slaves were not well educated, too! That is why I decided to help stopping this bad situation.
After getting some slaves and lady's maids whose were parked with me by their owners I showd them how to treat a lady or master, I often was shocked how bad their education were — besides the novices.
Analysing these situations I learned what to do:
Founding of a SM-ACADEMY for doms AND slaves, individuell considering their natures, and garanteeing to respect their No–Gos, of course.

Target groups:
Dominas, ladies, masters and so on Slaves (dev as well as masochistic), lady`s maids